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Creep Calculator

This calculator helps you figure out the amount of page creep for a booklet (aka shingling or pushout) for a number of pages and a given stock thickness.

This helps you figure out the safe area of your pages so that folios or other artwork won't get too close to the final trim of the booklet.

Handy tables can be viewed in single pages or printer's spreads with the amount of creep per spread.

Click the compose button to send yourself the values via email. Or click the script icon to send yourself an Adobe Indesign javascript that will automatically place page guides to easily see the effect of creep in your document.

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  1. Enter your total page count of your booklet.
    (Should be a multiple of 4.)
  2. Enter the thickness of one sheet of paper.
    (inches or millimeters.)
  3. A Creep Modifier of 1.4 is a good start for uncoated text weight stock. This compensates for tolerances of folding equipment.
    (If your final printed piece's center spread is movint toward the trim, a larger value is needed. If the center spread is drifting toward the spine a smaller number should be used.)
  4. Clicking either the single pages or printers spreads button will show you the pages and their individual creep values.
    (Each view contains a compose button, allowing you to send yourself a message containing the values.)
  5. (EXTRA) Script button will compose a message with a zipped Adobe Indesign compatable javascript.

    1. Extract the zip file and install the javascript into your Indesin scripts folder.
    2. Run the script from the Automation/Scripts pane.
    3. Enter the total creep into the dialog for the script to place guides on your pages.
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